WA Series Wide Angle CV Joint for PTO Shaft

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WA Series Wide Angle CV Joint for PTO Shaft

The CV Wide Angle Universal Joint is a component of the high-performance CV Wide Angle PTO Driveshaft, the premier driveshaft solution for the Agriculture and Lawn & Turf industries. The CV wide-angle PTO prop shaft is a complete package from tractor to implement. They are designed for continuous heavy-duty all-purpose to meet the requirements of large farms and contractors. The CV Wide Angle Yoke is constructed of steel to withstand harsh conditions and engineered for a precise fit. The CV wide-angle yoke allows the rotating shaft to transmit power through variable angles at a constant rotational speed without appreciable increases in vibration or friction. The metric product line of PTO drive shafts meets and/or exceeds the quality of products currently offered by our competitors in many industries.

Series Cross A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E F
2WA.01 23.8*61.3/22*76 153 104 119 105 2WA.0505B/D/G 2WA.06/06L
4WA.01 27*74.6/23.8*91 153 104 124 110 4WA.0505B/D/G 4WA.06/06L
6WA.01 30.2*92//27*100 176 105 136 127 6WA.0505B/D/G 6WA.06/06L/06ST
8WA.01 35*106.5/30.2*106 184 120 146 147 8WA.0505B/C/D/G 8WA.06/06L/06ST
32WA.01 32*76/27*94 176 126 126 117 32WA.0505B/D/G 32WA.06/06L/06ST
36WA.01 36*89/32*106 184 125 125 126 36WA.0505B/C/D/E 26WA.06/06L/06ST
42WA.01 42*104.5/36*124 184 124 149 150 42WA.0505B/C/D/E 42WA.06/06ST/06G

Wa Series Wide Angle Cv Joint for Pto Shaft

Design Features

Fits Easy Lock Guard System: Provides full coverage at maximum angle, full 360° friction welded seams on guard, UV and ozone resistant black, rated for -35°C cold weather impact, meets and exceeds all applicable safety standards Standard, quick and easy removal and installation process.

◆Yoke: Interchangeable with all other yokes on the market and standard yokes, cast iron collar, through holes to keep debris from collecting inside.
◆Cross and Bearing Kits: High torque capacity and longer life, manufactured from high-quality steel for strength, standard kits can be upgraded to or interchanged with electronic kits.
◆The domestic and metric product lines use the same component design.

Designed with premium materials

We source high quality materials to manufacture our constant velocity joints to meet OE fit and function. Components are constructed of grade 55 steel for rigidity, strength and wear resistance, while the jacket is constructed of tough yet flexible neoprene for operation over a wide range of -40°C to +120°C and provides Excellent stress and crack protection.

Precision Crafted to High Technical Standards

Our unique quenching treatment reduces brittleness and internal stresses in the steel, extending our recommended part replacements to one year or 60,000km. Kits come packaged and come fully assembled with a premium grease pack for stress-free replacement.

The Most Common Problems with Constant Velocity Joints

A constant velocity joint is a very durable component. When things go wrong, it usually has to do with the “boot” — the rubber/plastic sheath held together by two clips.
Constant velocity joints are filled with special grease and sealed by a protective cover. If the boot is damaged, the grease will leak out. This reduces lubrication, causing the CV joints to wear faster. It can also allow dirt and moisture to seep into the CV joints, causing additional wear.
Usually the outer CV joint boots are the first to come off – they are under more stress than the inner boots.